• Chris Hammill

    Owner, Chief Engineer




    I'm Chris Hammill, Engineer & Owner of Brainstu Media. When I'm not producing content for Rush 93 at SiriusXM, I'm creating media, whether it's music, videos or audio production pieces. I want to share what I've learned over the past 10+ years of radio, music and video production with you. I want to continue to learn this ever-evolving industry as I share my knowledge with the readers and viewers of my blog.


    A Longer Bio


    After graduating High School in 2004, I went to the County College of Morris to study Criminal Justice, because I wanted to catch bad guys like you see on Law & Order and other Cop shows on TV. Very shortly after I started going to classes, I joined the radio station WCCM. Not even a month into my first semester, I nearly flunked out, because I knew I found my passion. Suddenly I did not want to be the white, slightly larger version of Ice-T's Detective Tutuola. Friends and I formed a horribly bad Saturday Night Live comedy sketch show and we were the radio equivalent of nails on a chalkboard, but I knew I wanted to be involved with radio.


    During my first go-round of College, a friends band asked me "hey, can you record our demo?" Thinking like (the great) Jeremy Clarkson, I said "sure, how hard can that be?" That's how my love of music recording began. I quickly realized how challenging, yet rewarding recording musicians is, but I continue to strive to this day to improve my skills, sharpen my knowledge and seek audio perfection.


    In 2006 I dropped out of CCM and pursued Internet Radio/Podcast glory on various networks in the NY/NJ area. I continued to podcast with various friends on various projects until 2014, when I was hired at SiriusXM after completing an internship. I realized my dream, along with completing an Associate's program at Bergen Community College.


    Fast forward to today, by day I am working my dream job at SiriusXM, by night I am creating audio & video creations for clients. I truly am blessed with my journey to where I am today.