• Chris Hammill

    Owner, Chief Engineer


    Chris got his start in audio production in 2004 as a DJ for WCCM Radio in Randolph, New Jersey. He continues to do radio shows and radio imaging to this day as well as working as a board operator for SiriusXM Satellite Radio.


    Since 2006, Chris has been recording, mixing and mastering music for local bands. He has worked in various studios over northern New Jersey including the famous Show Place Studios in Dover, New Jersey. Over the years, Chris has built a fully functioning studio in his Caldwell, New Jersey home.


    Chris has the ability to help you with any project you may be working on, whether it be a studio project or a live recorded set you want sounding like it came from the studio. Your project is safe with his ears.

  • Joe Coletta

    Videographer, Podcaster


    Host of his own internet radio show for over ten years, Joe has also explored the art of independent film production and is the director of the documentary "No Station Required", a film about internet radio & podcasting.


    Joe has a great eye for filming and always gets the shots you want for your projects.